30th November 2011

Fall 2012 Campaign – SLIDING DOORS






Images by Pat Supsiri

22nd November 2011

Prefall 2012 Campaign – BACK 2 D FUTURE









 Images By Helen White

16th November 2011


I must give a very big special thankyou to you for you have given me  joy and taken me places that I never would’ve gotten to if it weren’t for you. To work, to the airport and all over town, you never fail to be there for me and make sure I get to my destination. Whenever there’s a pickup for lookbooks or a delivery of garments to the store or even if I just need a coffee you’re the one who makes the trip or takes me there. You make me feel oh-so stylish – the perfect complement to any outfit and as I leave the house every morning you know I’m there. You always have the door unlocked before I even think to get the keys out of my bag. I love how easy you are and that you give me so much room to move and just take over. Even when I push your button, you don’t get mad. And thank you for always holding my bag in your lap all the time – you treat it like precious cargo and never let it go. I have enjoyed cushioning myself in your luxurious and comfortable embrace. As I hold your hand in mine I feel the happy rumble of your laughter as you start up and take me to my studio. Along the way others stare in envy at your gorgeous and chic shiny black coat with silver swirls  – the very garment I had made especially for you that tells everyone you’re mine.


You always push me to be in the spotlight and show me off to the world, but you always warn me before I get too close to the edge. Expanding and growing my business has been easy with you by my side. You always there to support me while finding stockists, getting to photoshoots and attending fabric meetings. People never fail to notice your wondrous flair and you always tell them, “Follow Nicola Finetti.” You expose me. And for that perhaps I am most grateful of all, because you have driven my career and helped my business flourish.


These two months together have been enriching and fun. May we have many more wonderful moments together…



My Nissan Micra